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CRM/DMTraffic-Customer Relationship Marketing

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What is CRM/DMTraffic?

It is a variable data multi-touch, multi-channel customer relationship marketing program.  It combines your website, email and direct mail to leverage your data personalizng EACH communication to your customers. What does this mean for you?  Improved response, retention and return on investment.

What is a "trigger" and Variable Data? 

 Variable data print and email marketing uses information in your database to create personalized communication specfic to each receipient.  The more customized your email or direct mail piece improves your response rates. A trigger is simply a data element the variable data uses to change components of your email or direct mail piece. 

Our company creates relationshp marketing programs so you can stay in touch with customers. With almost 30 years expertise in Customer Relationship Marketing, we will develop a strategy designed to increase your customer revenue by leveraging your internal customer information and website data.

What are the benefits of Customer Relationship Maketing?

  • Dramatically improves your sales and marketing results.
  • Keep in touch with curent customers, web site visitors.
  • Send personalized email and direct mail communication.
  • Include variable data content to personalze each email based on each customer or website visitor.

How does DMTraffic work?

  • A series of "touches" or automated tracks are programmed by us after strategy development and rules established by your company.
  • Future emails or direct mail are scheduled based on campaign rules.
  • EACH contact's email and direct mail is personalized with content specific to them based on the data contained on each record.  Text, Graphics, Offers are changed invididually for each contact.
  • The system does all the printing and mailing and emailing
  • Responses are tracked along with close rates over time within our reporting system.
  • You determine your budget for the campaign insuring you never exceed your threshold.

Customer Relationship Marketing In The News-One to One Marketing

Potential Trigger Campaigns:

  • Birthday clubs
  • Follow up information from web site visitors
  • Retail store announcements  based  on client preferences
  •  Reorder announcments
  • Reactivatte customers who have not purchased in a length of time
  • Generate repeat customer after initial purchase.
  • And many more!

DMTraffic Information

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